IGDA Toronto looking for guest speakers for October 1 meeting

The Toronto Chapter of the International Game Developer's Association is looking for guest speakers for its October 1 event.

The topic: Running an independent game studio in Ontario: Business & Legal considerations.

To discuss:
- Raising startup capital, maintaining cashflow
- Tax credits, grants, government support programs
- Legal considerations
- Long term planning
- Recruitment strategies
- Marketing strategies

Project: Titanic Pinball

For TOJam 3 in May 2008, I went again with the solo programming + awesome sound and art assistance route and created a 2D physics-based game called Titanic Pinball.

Here's the pitch for the game: you're saving the victims of the Titanic from drowning by knocking them away from the water as the ship is sinking. You play pinball by rotating the paddleboats at the bottom of the screen, just like in a regular pinball game, except that you're knocking around ragdoll characters instead of balls.

Step One: You put a hole in the box!

Hello world!

So this is now the fourth or fifth iteration of PaulForest.com, technology -wise. It's evolved from the cave wall-like hand-coded HTML to various blog implementations to a Drupal install.

So we've got really just blog postings, some projects I've worked on, and my resume. Not much else for now. Maybe we'll toss in some pictures for good measure.



Welcome to Paul Forest's webpage!

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