Project: Titanic Pinball

For TOJam 3 in May 2008, I went again with the solo programming + awesome sound and art assistance route and created a 2D physics-based game called Titanic Pinball.

Here's the pitch for the game: you're saving the victims of the Titanic from drowning by knocking them away from the water as the ship is sinking. You play pinball by rotating the paddleboats at the bottom of the screen, just like in a regular pinball game, except that you're knocking around ragdoll characters instead of balls.

You're supposed to be saving victims from drowning by keeping them up in the air and out of the water... unfortunately you also bash the heck out of them in the process. And having way too much fun doing it. :)

The game was written in 3 consecutive days at the latest TOJam event. The theme for TOJam 3 was "cheese," and what could be cheesier than the Titanic? :)

You can play the game here:

TitanicPinballGameplay.jpg3.91 KB