Here's a summary of projects I've worked on.

Doozer Creek

Doozer Creek is sandbox mobile game made for The Jim Henson Company by DHX Media in support of the television series The Doozers, which is a modern spin-off of the classic Fraggle Rock series. A small team of us were able to create this game in only a few months. My role was to create the architecture including the technical design document (TDD) and I coded much of the application in Unity including AI, character behaviours, pathfinding, user interactions, game flow and an API for another developer to use when making the UI. The game was created in Unity, C#, 3D Studios Max and Adobe Creative Suite.

In the app, players place buildings, characters and vehicles into a playmat space. The world comes to life with the characters working, playing, singing, driving and more. This free-to-play educational game features several playsets available for purchase that enable different buildings, characters and buildings.

You can purchase this app at these fine app stores:

Caillou: Let's Pretend

An exciting and imaginative adventure for kids, featuring the lovable Calliou. My role was to create two of the three minigames and the architecture of the application. This app peaked at #2 in the Paid iPad Education category of the iTunes store.

This project used Unity, C#, Flash, Actionscript 2 & 3 and Autodesk Scaleform.

Description from iTunes:
Join Caillou and friends for exciting and imaginative learning adventures! In this PBS KIDS app, explore with dinosaurs, discover the ocean, and help out in the kitchen with Caillou!

Available from these fine app stores:


An abstract RPG made at Global Game Jam 2015 in Toronto, Canada.
See the toDot page for more details.

The Log Driver Game

Created By:
Paul Forest (Programming, Design, Wrangling) -
Eric Frech (Art) -
Jerry Forest (Accordion)
Mark Forest (Guitar)

Navigate Nick L., a Canadian log driver, down a mighty river, taking as many logs as he can with him.
But be careful not to get swept downstream.

How To Play:
Use the mouse to click and drag. You character will aim towards the mouse and try to follow it.
Pro-tip: practice with with circular motions with the mouse to knock logs out of your way.

Made at:
TOJam 7: The Sevening, a 48-hour game making event in Toronto, Canada. Hosted by the talented and devilishly attractive team Jim and Emily McGinley.
Learn more at

Why is this game cool?
This game features warm folk music, excellent animations, and nifty physics.

What's next for this game?
Better designed levels that play more like puzzles; mobile deployment.

What tools did you use for this game?
Moai + Rapanui, Tiled,, Photoshop, Audacity, and Canadian pride
Moai ( and RapaNui

Cross The Road

A game made by Paul Forest, Eric Frech and Ryan Cox.

In this game, you attempt to cross the road by drawing paths for your character to follow. No matter where that path goes, your character will go there, even if it means running into traffic. Can you get to the other side three times to win the game?

You have unlimited lives, which you will likely need. When your character meets a car, the car wins, hilariously. Pile up a bunch of chickens in the same spot for some silly ragdoll fun. Each level has to be completed with a minute or the game ends.

Created at Global Game Jam 2013 in 48 hours.

Grand Theft Artifact

  • Created "Grand Theft Artifact," a physical gaming platform in which players navigate through a maze constructed of electroluminescent wire to steal an artifact. This real-world game used hardware sensors and software to track the state of the players and display the results on a projector and audio system.
  • Utilized Arduino, Processing, Google Sketchup, electronics and construction of a large play environment inside a movie theatre
  • This game was presented at the Digifest technology festival at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto as part of the Peripherals Initiative, a collaboration between game developers and hardware hackers.
  • Collaborated with two other developers


Gameplay footage:


A Simple RTS game made in 48 hours

At this year's Global Game Jam, I created a small Real-Time-Strategy game called "Neon." It's the simplest possible RTS, with really only one "building" type and one "unit" type. It features three levels of increasing difficulty, some slick visual effects, computer opponents, and a fantastic soundtrack courtesy of The Silk Demise (

Check out the gameplay video:

Lost Girl

Webpage and Interactive Motion Comics

Consulting for Bedlam Games and Prodigy Pictures, we created the webpage Lost Girl and created six "Interactive Motion Comics," which are comics books that include interactive elements. Think of it as a comic book that comes to life.

My role was to upgrade the Drupal site, version control and deployment to best-practices, provide content updates, and program the Flash player and interactive parts of the interactive motion comics.

This project was nominated for a 2011 Gemini Award in the category "Best Cross-Platform Project - Fiction."

Gameplay video:

Nom Nom Nom Nom

A Game About Cats Eating Food

Our latest game from Forest Games is a fast-paced, fun game about three hungry cats and one hungry goat dressed as a cat. Using innovative physics, you can manipulate the playing field to your advantage by missing the kibble and causing ripples in the water.

Nom Nom Nom Nom was created by Paul Forest from Forest Games (yours truly), Jamie Tucker (Art), Harry Mack (Audio), Karen Halloran (Voice Talent), and Squirrel Nut Zippers (Music).

Nom Nom Nom Nom is coming soon to iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

Here's a video of an early version of the game.

Treasures of the Crystal Sea

An Underwater Exploration game

This is the latest game from Webkinz. I was the sole developer on this project, and it's the largest single game on the site.

Titanic Pinball

Save the Survivors of the Titanic By Knocking Them Out of the Water!

In this physics-based game, you can play pinball on the deck of the sinking Titanic and save its passengers from drowning in the water below. Hilarity ensues!

You can play the game!

This game is made with Flash 9 / Actionscript 3 using the Box2D physics game engine. Titanic Pinball was made in exactly three days at TOJam 3, an event in Toronto. Art was created by Barry Row, sound was created by Arthur Zaragoza. See for more details.

Here's a gameplay video:

Tropical Troubles

Help your monkey gather bananas and avoid enemies in this cute, fun platform-style game made for kids at Webkinz.

Gameplay video:

Waddell's Icecap Adventure

Collect fish and avoid falling into ice holes. Can you beat all the levels and satiate your penguin's appetite for fish?

Gameplay video:


An Open Source Space Combat Game, set in the Star Control universe.

Project's Homepage is here:
You can download and play this game for free. It rocks!
Here's a gameplay video:


A shoot'm up with a goat's head fighting ink creatures to save a shivering kitten. Plays like Smash TV. Two-player if you've got two Xbox controllers or something similar, otherwise it's WASD + cursor keys.

We showed off this game at Gamma 01 in Montreal at a live party in a bar. Live music from DJs was piped into each game and it changed the gameplay of each game in some particular way. In Goatscape, it made the backround elements dance around in time to the music.

The "Angry German Kids" are:
Rob Segal, Programmer of the Ages
Christopher "Murphman" Murphy, Programmer to the Stars
Paul Forest, Programmer of the Badger+1
Nick Coombe, Artist of the Inkscape
Matt Coombe, Artist to save us all.

Written in C# using the Torque Game Engine.