Global Game Jam 2015: toDot

So this past weekend a group of us created a game for Global Game Jam!
Our game is "toDot," a game about travelling to dots. The game could be described as an abstract RPG, or perhaps "Linear RPG" on a spider web.

The game features a minimalist art style similar to that of Wassily Kandinsky, specifically during his "Bauhaus" era from 1922 - 1933. His work uses geometric shapes and ideas that inspired our artists Daria and Eliza to create some dream-like level elements.

This time around, it was a whole new team, featuring:

  • Paul Forest: Concept and Programming
  • Eliza Carmona: Character Design and Animation
  • Daria Gordeeva: UI / UX and Graphics
  • Adam Axbey: Music and Sound Effects

We may poke around with this idea some more. There were many RPG elements that we can add to make it more interesting to play.

The experience of seeing the art come to life in 3D space is trippy. It's like being inside one of Kandinsky's paintings. Combined with Adam's exceptional soundtrack, the feeling is tranquil.

Arrow keys to move, CTRL (Command key on Mac) to attack
Joysticks are also supported; use the analog stick to move and one of the buttons (A on the XBox 360 controller) to attack.

You can play it now here:

You can watch a video of the gameplay here:

And there's even a trailer available here: