So we completed another game this past weekend, this time at Global Game Jam 2014. Keeping to the tradition, it's a silly concept: WWF vs WWF!

The game delivers what it says on the tin. You have endangered animals wrestling in a ring, set in the 80's.

WWF vs WWF is a wrestling game with pandas, tigers and wrestlers!
Can you knock down and pin your opponent for the three count?
Two local players, joystick and keyboard support.

No animals were harmed in the making of -- or playing of -- this game.

You can download the game for Windows here: http://PaulForest.com/wwfvswwf/WWFvsWWF.zip.

This is my 15th or 16th game jam. It's also the fourth I've made with Eric Frech, and the second with both Eric Frech, Lisa Young and Ryan Cox, with additional audio from Dan Rodregues.