Nom Nom Nom Nom Wins Silver People's Choice Award at TOJam 2010 Arcade!

Our latest game, Nom Nom Nom Nom, was awarded the Silver People's Choice Award at the TOJam Arcade this weekend.

Nom Nom Nom Nom is a fast-paced, frantic game about cats eating food. Up to four players make their cats fatter by eating as much kibble as possible. Your score is measured by how fat your cat gets. The game features a swinging soundtrack, courtesy of the awesome and energetic Squirrel Nut Zippers.

Nom Nom Nom Nom is coming soon to iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

We used tech developed during "Forest 20%" time, which is our take on the venerable "Google 20%" time.

We're very excited to see how great all the games at TOJam turned out. This is the fifth year we've participated, and the bar is constantly getting raised in terms of quality and number of games completed.

Very special thanks to fellow TOJammers who helped make this game happen: Jamie Tucker (Art), Harry Mack (Audio), Karen Halloran (Voice Talent), and Squirrel Nut Zippers (Music).

Very special thanks also to the TOJam organizers, whose tireless effort causes this fantastic event to succeed. Veteran organizers Jim and Emilie McGinley, Rob Segal, and scores of other volunteers like Tessa Visperas are nothing short of heroic and we salute them. You guys rock!

Forest Games is my Toronto-based startup company that fits nicely into a single small-sized t-shirt. We make small mobile games and we're doing R&D into some pretty cool stuff.

TOJam is an event where participants create a new game, from scratch, over three days. It's a fast and frantic pace to get something completed in this very short amount of time. The annual event, now it its fifth year, brings out the hardiest of developers, artists, musicians, audio and game designers. It's not just about talking about making games, it's about getting them done on a ridiculously fast schedule. Everyone who completes a game there should extremely proud.

TOJam is increasingly recognized as a Toronto icon, reflecting the indie game spirit in the city.

Here's a video of the game: